EEA Outreach Bus Tour – Sangthong District

Community and school EEA outreach is one of three key components of the EEA Laos Service Model, which relies on the cooperation of government with civil society organisations. The effectiveness of the EEA Laos alliance approach was highlighted during the period of 22 March – 02 April, 2021, as the DoE, in cooperation with DONRE Saenthong district, conducted an EEA Outreach Bus Tour in 8 Villages/ 9 schools of Saengthong district, Vientiane Capital, all of which are situated adjacent to the boundary of Phou Phanang National Protection Area. The EEA Laos Outreach iconic truck and bus brought engaging environmental edutainment games, activities and methods to the communities and schools with messages of “forest protection and biodiversity conservation”. DoE and EEA Laos Alliance members conducted two sessions per village – a morning session with village authority and community members and an afternoon session with school teachers and students. Altogether, 220 adult community members, 43 teachers and 581 students were engaged.