EEA Component of ProFEB II

The EEA component of ProFEB II started a second phase with a new management team during a kick-off and inception workshop on 17 Sept, 2019. All relevant government agencies and key civil society partner organizations discussed and provided feedback on

EEA needs in Laos. After the first phase with Cristina Georgii as GIZ team leader was completed in March 2019, the ProFEB II component was advertised for bids, and GFA Consulting Group won the tender with Robert Steele as the new team leader.


ProFEB II will continue combining the component’s efforts with those
of the two other projects, Integrated Nature Conservation & Sustainable Resource Management in the Hin Nam No Region (HNN) and Support to the Lao EU-FLEGT Process (ProFLEGT). The project will run until May 2021 and continue the progress of the earlier ProCEED project 2011-2017 and the EEA component’s first phase 2017-2019. It will strengthen a sustainable partnership between government and civil society organizations (CSOs) engaged in EEA service delivery to key target groups in the country.