RDA Links Youth with EEA Issues at Lao Civil Society Organization Fair

On 16 November 2019, The Civil Society Working Group (CSWG), in collaboration with the Lao Committee of Civil Society Organizations (LCCSO), organized the CSO Fair 2019 under the theme of Youth for

Development at the Lao National Culture Hall in Vientiane Capital. The Rural Development Association (RDA), one of the key partners of ProFEBII’s EEA partners, conducted EEA activities at the Fair in which RDA leadership and youth trainees designed and lead EEA games and performances in order to raise the environmental awareness of fair participants in terms of a sustainable new green lifestyle. The primary objective of the activities conducted at the fair by RDA’s InYouth Participants aimed at encouraging youth to think about and adopt environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle choices regarding consumption choices and waste management, and to understand the importance of protecting and conserving the country’s and their own communities’ natural forests, biodiversity and wildlife.




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