A Lao Environmental Education Network of Government and Civil Society Partners is Born

During the EEA Service Model Workshop on 12 December 2019,DEQP and its CSO partners discussed a number of essential issues that

turned out constituting the nucleus of an evolving Lao Environmental Education and Awareness Network (EEAN). DEQP, PADECT, RDA, Mind Media and MCU had joint forces before in the context of environmental projects implemented by MoNRE and GIZ and funded by German development cooperation. More than that, the EEA component of GIZ  ProFEB II 2019-2021 offers them an opportunity to grow into a self-reliant and independent community of EEA practice.

Moderated by international consultant Manfred Open, workshop participants worked through a series of questions to begin defining their EEA Service Model and marketing strategy: What is a service model, also called experience sharing or valorization, and what is its purpose? What could the cooperation of EEAN partners be based on? What services and products could the Network offer? And how to reach potential donors with fundable proposals?

To this end, the consultant presented preliminary results of a donor mapping and the cornerstones of a marketing strategy based on 4 P’s – Product, Price, Place, Promotion: What is the unique selling proposition (USP) of the Network? What type of benefits do potential customers get, i.e. which of their problems can the Network solve? How much are customers willing to pay in terms of money, time, energy, and change they have to invest? Which methods and communication channels can be used to communicate with customers and promote services?