ProCEEd and MoNRE Representatives Participate in Rare Species Workshop in Cambodia

14–15 November, 2017 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Representatives from ProCEEd, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, and the Department of Environment Quality Promotion participated in a

rare species workshop, “Wonders of the Mekong”, to exchange knowledge and experiences on wildlife and aquatic  life rare species conservation in the Mekong. The workshop provided space for participants to present, exchange lessons learnt from awareness raising activities, strengthen attendees’ capacity, and improve understandingof wildlife and aquatic life conservation in the Mekong region. Multiple workshop sessions focused on varioustopics, including conservation management andenhancing conservation strategy. During the third session, Ms. Chitthanom Ounsyda from DEQPdelivered a presentation on “Enhancing awareness raising on environmental promotion, biodiversity and wildlife conservation in Laos.”


The two-day seminar can be summarized as below. All participants:

  • Learnt about the rare species of aquatic life and wildlife in Mekong and conservation methods for those species;
  • Exchanged knowledge on organisations’ approaches to endangered species research and assessment;
  • Contributed to group discussion with comments and questions;
  • Shared different tools and approaches to implementing education and awareness raising activities. Participants came from multiple countries: 49 were from Cambodia, three from Vietnam, three from Thailand, two from the Philippines and five from Laos. Two participants from Laos came from MoNRE/DEQP, one from ProCEEd, one from WCS, and one from FISHBIO. Participants represented a variety of organisations, including government, academia, and civil society, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia; Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity; Vietnam University; Royal Phnom Penh University; USAID; Free the Bears; Wildlife Alliance; World Wide Fund for Nature; Freeland Foundation; and others. There were 64 participants in total, 18 of whom were women.



During a panel discussion, participants exchanged organisations’ experiences in implementing conservation activities, focusing on why the project was undertaken, what problems existed, the approaches that were used to solve the situation, and the results. In the last session of the seminar, reporters randomly interviewed participants about their experiences and feelings about participating in the “Wonder of the Mekong” workshop, which will be used  to produce newsletters and a short video recording of the seminar.