Second ProCEEd Photo Exhibition a Great Success

ProCEEd's photo exhibition 2017 has been a great success. Since March 2017, the exhibition has attracted numerous visitors while hosted by

various organizations in Vientiane Capital. The exhibition on environmental issues in Laos presents photos made by Lao citizens. The exhibition aims at making people reflect on environmental beauty, problems and challenges. Interested parties can visit the exhibition in June and July 2017 in Vientiane. The locations and dates are: 19-23 June at the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism (MOICT); 26-30 June at the German Technical College; 10-14 July at the Faculty of Economy, National University of Laos (NUoL), and 17-21 July at the Lao-American College. The photos originate from a photo competition in 2016 launched by MoNRE. The winners at the time were photos showing an illegal wildlife trader in front of a table full of dead animals, fishermen on their boat on the Nam Xong River near Vang Vieng in a beautiful early morning setting, and a wild waste dumping site near Luang Prabang.

ProCEEd aims at making the competition's photos accessible to the public through a traveling exhibition called Balancing Lao PDR. Therefore, the ProCEEd team came up with a new and innovative exhibition concept which combines the idea of balance in nature with the use of environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo and cotton strings. 40 pictures are presented in three different categories. Each category is accompanied by a panel which explains the specific dynamics of balance within an ecosystem.


The first section named Natural Balance shows photographic impressions from places in Lao where humans still seem to live in harmony with nature.

Out of Balance exhibition

The second section, Out of Balance, reflects on the problems and challenges concerning the unsustainable use of natural resources in Laos. Photos of hunted or trapped animals, polluted environment, destroyed forests and flooding events show that fragile ecosystems are not in balance any more.


The third part of the exhibition is named Back to Balance and aims at instigating hope that a positive and sustainable way of living in harmony with nature is possible. The photos show examples and efforts of people trying to live in harmony with their environment. Traditional fishing techniques, lowland rice production, beautiful forest streams and rangers who patrol protected areas are living proof that nature in Laos can be treated respectfully.