Training Future Media Professionals

In March 2017, ProCEEd started training more than 20 students and teachers at the Mass Communication Department, Faculty of Letter, National University of Laos on the production of an environmental TV program. The students first engaged in a series of intensive production workshops on TV script writing, pre-production, props making and production. The workshops will provide the students with TV production skills that will benefit their capacities, skills and future career in the TV industry.  


“Being part of ProCEEd is such a great experience for me because apart from learning new production skills, I also learn to know about environmental issues in Laos. I think the TV program will help Lao viewers to realize the importance of forest protection, wildlife and biodiversity conservation”, said Chandeng Thongsamai, a third-year student.

In addition to the training, ProCEEd will also provide coaching related to safeguard appropriate content and high quality for the overall program. “I found creating puppet and shadow theatre the most exciting activity for me. The workshop is so practical and I can now use the shadow and puppet theatre as part of the TV program’s visual techniques,” added Chandeng.

 Once the environmental TV program will be broadcast later in summer 2017, its key objectives are to educate and improve the knowledge and understanding of young TV audiences and the Lao public in general about the environmental issues that have an impact on their lives. This should raise their awareness on the importance of environmental protection related to forest, wildlife, biodiversity etc.


The training of future media professionals is part of ProCEEd's human capacity development efforts which have been focusing on three major fields. Media professionals in Lao TV, radio and print media and mass organizations have been trained in environmental journalism. Volunteers and staff members of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MoNRE) as well as non-government organizations have been regularly trained and coached regarding methods and tools in environmental education for environmental tours using a bus and truck in remote and poor areas in Laos that are rich in biodiversity but need forest protection and wildlife conservation. MoNRE and other partners of ProCEEd have also been supported and coached in terms of institutional development and leadership skills.