Tuned-in for the 2016 Environmental Tour on Wildlife

In a workshop held at Settha Palace Hotel in Vientiane on 8-12 August 2016, DEQP and PADETC volunteers tuned-in on this year's Environmental Tour on wildlife. ProCEEd's tour to Khammouane, Houaphan and Sayaboury is scheduled to start on 26 Sept, 2016. During the preparation workshop, DEQP and PADETC volunteers who run the tours upgraded their knowledge on wildlife conservation and their related skills in terms of environmental education methods and tools. Three teams of volunteers will use their newly gained knowledge and skills during upcoming visits of more than 60 remote villages in the three provinces.


DEQP staff takes over the so-called government tours while PADETC and DOCLAO volunteers run the village tours. ProCEEd’s Environmental Tours aim at increasing villagers’ and local governments’ awareness and understanding of the need for environment management and protection. The focus of the current tour is on the diversity and uniqueness of wildlife in Laos, its vulnerability and its essential relation to the sustainable livelihood of Lao people in rural areas.


During two days of the workshop, a wildlife expert from the World Conservation Society (WCS) introduced major animal species in Laos, the national wildlife conservation strategy and the related Wildlife Protection Law. Law enforcement will be a major issue for awareness raising as part of the next tour.


Small working groups of workshop participants first reflected on the previous tour in the targeted provinces. This gave them a chance to learn from tested approaches and their experiences with villagers in remote areas. New methods and tools help the teams utilize games, exercises and presentation skills to communicate an understanding about wildlife as such and the need to protect it. Participants practiced the new didactical elements, games and activities before they summarized their assessments.


The Environmental Tour on wildlife conservation is the second tour launched in 2016. Between March and April 2016, the project’s environmental vehicles visited the mentioned provinces to raise public awareness on natural disasters and forest protection




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