Exchange on Environmental Education between Kyrgyzstan and Laos

On 9-13 May 2016, GIZ integrated expert Aline Rosset from the Kyrgyz Republic visited the ProCEEd project in Lao PDR for an exchange on methods and implementation modes of environmental awareness raising. She discussed ProCEEd's work with her GIZ colleagues in Vientiane and joined an Environmental Tour in the Houaphan Province.

PADETC and DEQP volunteers implemented ProCEEd's Environmental Tour in 15 villages of Houa-Muong District in Houaphan Province, and for administrative staff of the provincial and district government from 9-28 May, 2016. Aline Rosset works with the Kyrgyz Mountains Environmental Education and Citizen Science project and the eBilim Mobile Digital Library of the University of Central Asia, a refurbished minibus, designed to bring knowledge and resources to the people in ten villages of Naryn Province. The observer from Kyrgyzstan was impressed by the creativity of the ProCEEd team and took numerous fresh ideas home with her.

The tour focused on forest protection and natural disasters. As global climate change is hard to understand in village life, the educational tools employed concentrated on how land management and forest protection can help limit the damage of natural natural disasters so that village life and a stable economic output can be sustained. The tour activities were again multi-faceted and encouraged villagers to understand the need for forests protection and become active in related measures. The knowledge gained is a basis for villagers to consider changes in their daily life that are needed for a sustainable future.


The team of PADETC and DEQP presented interactive demonstrations of natural disasters in landscape models and various games like puzzles, quiz-show, group learning and presentations of 10 basic facts about the effect how forests safe the villages. In all the villages, hundreds of people enjoyed the lively environmental tour program from early in the morning to late at night. Everyone found the program appealing: young and old, men and women. ProCEEd's Environmental Tour will be continued in the future.





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