Media Production for Environmental Tour on Forest Protection and Natural Disasters

ProCEEd further developed a series of new educational tools including a puppet and a theater play in preparation for the next cycle of environmental

tours starting by 29 Feb, 2016. During workshops held on 4-7 January and 8-12 February 2016, staff and volunteers of DEQP and PADETC   learned how to write scripts and develop theater plays. The theme for the new cycle of environmental tours is forest protection and natural disasters.


Floods and droughts are the major natural disaster threats in Laos that affect hundreds of thousands of rural people.  The new media and tools developed are to promote a deeper understanding on how forest protection can help minimize the effects of these natural disasters such as landslides, floods and droughts.


All the new media and tools use an edutainment approach to facilitate learning and promote environmental awareness. For example, a floor board game (3,25 x 3,25 m) has been produced that features a colored snake which leads four teams to answer questions on how a forest can help prevent soil erosion, retain water, and provide food when crop production fails.


The FlexiFlan method moves self-adhesive figures and objects (20-30 cm high) on a flannel board of at least 100 x 60 cm that represent elements of village environment, e.g. trees, houses, rivers, mountains and village people. Adult villagers, youth and children use these objects and figure to visualize and play out scenes and situations from their own villages that are, in this case, related to forest protection and natural disasters or natural resource management in a more general sense.


To facilitate the learning and understanding of the 10 facts on forest protection and natural disasters, a tri-dimensional puzzle was created. Two sets of nine cubes (60 x 60 cm and 30 x 30 cm) present the 10 facts with related pictures and facilitate the group discussion for Government authorities and villagers.


In addition to these methods, DEQP and PADETC staff and volunteers participated in workshops on script writing and theater play production. The script writing workshop hosted by PADETC was led by renowned Lao writer Bountan Phongphichid, the founder of the Lao Creative Writers Association. Lao National Theater (LNT) again took over a five-day theater training and production in the course of which LNT and the volunteers developed a play on forest protection and natural disasters entitled Valuable Lesson.


ProCEEd is constantly innovating and introducing new media and educational tools, adapting them to Lao reality and training staff and volunteers on their use. Capacity building of ProCEEd partners is a high project priority as there is no specific training related to environmental communication, education and awareness raising (CEPA) and in the country.  Enhancing the skills of government and civil society partners in Laos professionalizes environmental education and communication in the country.




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