Thakhek Schools Enjoy the Environmental Tour

On 23 January 2016, ProCEEd welcomed around 220 young people to an evening event of the ProCEEd environmental tour in Thakhek, the capital of Khammouane Province. The Provincial Office of

Natural Resources and Environment (PONRE) as the organizer of the event appreciated that so many students, their parents and Thakhek citizens accepted the invitation which had been distributed at schools and through the radio. The ProCEED environmental bus was parked in front of the PONRE building, when the evening event was opened by PONRE Director, Mr. Khamphai Pengphaengmeuang. The environmental bus has had numerous stops in the Khammouane capital since 2013 as part of environmental information tours for local government officials but never before had the tour been designed for schools and had the program been more entertaining.

The program started with a funny song contest which made the audience laugh and forget about the evening chill. The brave singers received small rewards. Children engaged in a quiz about different kind of trees and types of environment. Next, a film about wildlife conservation in Laos was presented, which explained about threats regarding biodiversity and the challenges of conservation. The film was followed up by a round of questions and answers which allowed the audience to comment on the film or ask clarification questions. Another quiz gave students the opportunity to show what they had learned about environmental protection and win small gifts.


The long day finally peaked with a theater play: Mice and rats as representatives of local wildlife observe villagers in unsustainable hunting activities. The play's human protagonists are frustrated about the negative effects of excessive hunting of wildlife which had been  more diverse and balanced before. Before and after the play's three acts, an elephant and a squirrel comment on what happened to their natural environment since hunting and deforestation changed their living conditions. The animals' concluded that humans should change their attitudes and practices towards nature in order to live in harmony with wildlife towards a common sustainable future.




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