Team Changes 2016

In 2016, numerous staff changes lent ProCEEd new faces. Thipphaphone Channavong (Ting) joined the ProCEED team as a junior translator from May until August 2016. Shereplaced Chanthala Koukeomanivong who was on maternal leave then and left the project for good in September. As Ting left Laos for studies in Europe, Xengxiong Nhialong (Cheng), started working  for ProCEEd as a junior translator and website assistant in October 2016. Originally, Cheng comes from the Xiengphouang Province.

Second Lao Environmental Awareness Study on its Way

late 2012, ProCEEd conducted a first-ever comprehensive environmental awareness (KAP) survey among villagers and urban decision makers in Vientiane, Khammouane, Huaphan and Sayaboury. As a follow-up, the project launched a post-KAP on 21 Nov, 2016 that started with a 3-day training on interview and focus group discussion

Environmental Education in Laos: Learning with Head, Hand and Heart

At the beginning of 2016, I could not have imagined the experiences I would gain in 2016. As a media producer I always wanted to combine my creative work with social aspects. During travels in Asia in 2013, I fell in love with Laos, its people and wonderful nature. This is why I was more

Villages Trained on Lao Forestry, Wildlife and Aquatic Law

From 30 Oct to 3 Nov 2016, the ProCEEd field assistant in Sam Neua, staff of PONRE Houaphan and village authorities held a training on law related to forestry, wildlife and aquatic species in four villages in

Comic Book and Illustrations on Wildlife Conservation Published

In late September 2016, ProCEEd published a comic book titled "My Little Deer Friend" and a series of illustrations on wildlife conservation. These publications were first put to good use on the Environmental Tour that has been on the road since early October 2016. Since 2013, the tours have typically used poster series on the 10 FACTs of a given theme, e.g. forest protection. Five posters held two FACTs each, with a photo and 2-4 bullet points of text related to the topic. But the tour operators realized that their rural audiences often have an ethnic background and do not speak Lao language, and that many of them are illiterate. Therefore, back in late 2015, the project decided to use more  visual than text information in its environmental education tools and activities.

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