ProCEEd Newsletter No 5

Published Dec 2016
This Newsletter's major topic is the project's new focus on capacity development at the province and District level. This approach is facilitated by two new development advisors in Khammouane and Houaphan, their field Assistants, their PONRE and MONRE colleagues. Moreover, new tools have been developed for new tour planned in 2017. page 4 puts the 2016 post-KAP survey on the agenda and takes a look ahead into ProCEEd's final year in 2017.

ProCEEd Newsletter No 4

Published Dec 2015
ProCEEd’s human capacity development(HCD) have been focusing on three major fields: the Environmental Tours in cooperation with volunteers from various organizations, environmental journalism alongside media professionals as well as institutional development and leadership coaching of partners concerned.

ProCEEd Newsletter No 3

Published Mar 2015
On the road again - in 2015, ProCEEd will extend its Environment Tours for environmental awareness raising of government staff and villagers in Khammouane, Houanphan, Sayaboury and Bolikhamxai. Complementary to supporting radio programs with LNTV in Khammouane. Page 4 reports the project's extension until 2017, staff change and an environmental journalism training.

ProCEEd Newsletter No 2

Published Jan 2014
ProCEEd is in full swing. The most ambitious initiative aiming at climate-related education and communication were the Environmental Bus Tours to Khammouane and secondary schools in Vientiane covered on page 1-2. The projects numerous activities with Lao print and broadcasting media as part of the Environmental Education and Communication Strategy are highlighted on page 3. Page 4 again presents news on selected activities.

ProCEEd Newsletter No 1

Published Aug 2013
Welcome to ProCEEd’s first newsletter! It covers a few of the project’s success stories achieved so far. The lead article provides an overview of the project’s objectives, components and main activities related to environmental communi-cation and non-formal education. The KAP survey highlighted on page 2-3 reveals details about Lao respondents’ awareness on climate change, biodiversity and the environment. Page 4 presents news on selected activities.